Friday, July 29, 2011


The other day I was searching around the world wide web for some knitting patterns and happened to stumble across the coolest site! It's called Ravelry and it's basically a facebook-esque site for knitter and crocheters to share projects, patterns, and all things fiberous! Needless to say I was in heaven. I had taken a bit of a vacation from knitting so finding this site only fueled my fire to get back into it regularly. That day I started a hat and had it finished 2 days later (pretty good for working 70 some hours a week).
So if knitting and/or crocheting is your thing, then check out this site! It's pretty exciting to know that there are tons of people out there in the community who want to share ideas and projects.
{plus on of the questions in your profile is "what's your favorite cuss word?". my answer was "shit". :)

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