Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Beginning

This is the note I wrote for my grandma when I was 9 or 10. While my sister and I were cleaning out her sewing room last weekend, I noticed that it was still up on her cork board, where she had put it so many years ago. I remember seeing all the other papers and patterns and measurements come and go around it, but the note stayed. I guess it had never occurred to me that the little note would mean that much to her. She taught me everything she knew about sewing and fabrics and I am eternally grateful to her. I love being able to sew and create things and know that she is with me and that that part of her lives on through my sister and I.
In high school, my grandma would take my sister and I to a quilt retreat for a long weekend. She and I were always the youngest people there and we never realized what an impact that had on my grandma and the other ladies at the retreat. I haven't gone since I went away to college, so this year my sister and I have decided to attend on our own. It will be the first time going since our grandma passed and the first time Cassie and I will be going together. The retreat ladies are excited to have us and a part of me is excited too. I think it's definitely going to be emotional for both of us. But beyond that, I think it will be a great time to get some projects done. I have a quilt that I started at a retreat while I was in high school that I am determined to finish as well as a quilt I want to start for my mom and stepdad. Overall, I think it's going to be a great bonding experience for my sister and I. As long as we don't argue haha

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